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Editing is far more than just a job to me. It's my purpose, my calling.

I'm truly happiest when I'm helping people with writing and language.

Being a part of a writer’s journey

watching them grow and flourish—

is such a rewarding experience.


 In working with both self-publishing and hybrid-publishing authors,

I understand what the publishing process is like and how overwhelming it can be,

especially for first-time authors.

I empathize with the struggles and doubts writers often face.

Some editors don't provide helpful feedback,
leaving authors feeling lost, frustrated, and less confident in their work.

It frustrates and saddens me to know that some writers fear editors because the latter have been judgmental and seem to glory in telling authors that they're wrong.

Good editors work as advocates for writers, which is exactly what I do.

Nancy Graham-Tillman

Professional Copy Editor

San Diego Copy Editor

Hi! I'm a professional line and copyeditor who helps ensure writers have the support they need for making their work the absolute best it can be.


You have something to say and want to write about it, but you've never been great at spelling, and you think grammar rules are a nuisance. That’s where I come in. I apply my advanced knowledge and skills to polish your writing and help coach you through the process. Editing is in my blood, and I have a true passion for helping people with their writing.


Copyediting isn't just about fixing errors in grammar, spelling, construction, and accuracy; it's about strengthening an author's voice and advocating for the reader. Working with you, I clean and polish your writing to strengthen your message and ensure your readers get the most out of it.

I hope to get the opportunity to work with you soon.

Your voice is the most powerful tool you own.
Computer Keyboard

Andrea Susan Glass
Award-Winning Author &
CEO of Writers Way

Nancy Graham-Tillman is a copy editor beyond compare. As a seasoned ghostwriter and copyeditor, I finally wrote my first book. I knew it was pretty polished, but I thought I should have a copy editor review it anyway. I can't believe all the improvements Nancy made to my manuscript. It was enlightening to be on the other end of a copyedit, but my book is now 1000% better because of Nancy's eagle eye. I would recommend her in a heartbeat as a skilled copyeditor.

Katie Wood.jpg

Nancy Graham-Tillman is a copy editor who is simply the best. She pays so much attention to detail, and I couldn't believe how she improved my book. She was very thorough, intentional, and mindful when making corrections. Nancy is very gifted and doing what she was created to do.  She puts her whole heart into your book as if it was her own baby.  She was also very available when I had questions and needed more support. I highly recommend Nancy as a copy editor, and you can be at peace knowing she will add magic to your book. Nancy is the best of the best.  Thank you, Nancy, for your attention to detail, your heart for what you do, and your brains for taking my book to the next level!


Nancy Graham-Tillman handled all aspects of editing my book, from developmental planning to line editing.  I must admit, she has walked this part of my journey with me. She was able to take my manuscript and make it into a beautiful story. All the women who have helped me get my story out have been so wonderful, but it is Nancy who took my words and brought them to life. I will be forever grateful for her ability to create magic. Thank you Nancy!

Beth Bolton
Author & Small Business Coach
and Mentor 

Katie Wood
Author & Small Business Coach
and Mentor 

Working with Nancy on my first manuscript was an absolute pleasure. I was immediately struck by the passion she brings to her work and her ability to connect to and understand a writer’s vision on a personal level. Not only was she thorough and deeply knowledgeable about technical aspects of editing, she was also respectful of my voice as a writer. Her comments were always positive and supportive, and she had great instincts for recognizing structural and developmental issues and offering fixes that took my writing to the next level. I highly recommend Nancy’s editing services and look forward to working with her again on future projects!  


Jennifer Rosado

Author of My Alternate Universe: Anxiety, Autism, and Adventure in a Parallel Reality

My Alternate Universe_Anxiety, Autism, and Adventure in a Parallel Reality.jpg


2023 Independent Press Award
for Best Memoir!

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